Drug Crimes

Drug crimes are generally divided by the type of drug and the level of the offense.  Different drugs from marijuana to cocaine to meth to pills are categorized in different drug schedules.  A drug offense will reference a statute containing that schedule.  The offense will also be charged in one of three levels:

1. Simple Possession

2. MDP - or manufacturing, distributing, or possessing with the intent to distribute, OR

3. Trafficking - based on quantity of the drug

An important thing to know is that a conviction for one drug offense will enhance the potential sentence for a new drug offense regardless of whether or not it is the same drug.  As such, individuals facing multiple offenses should take care that they don't unnecessarily subject themselves to enhanced charges by mishandling their case.  Also, if someone is struggling with drug addiction - we urge them to get help with the addiction - it will help him or her personally, and it will avoid additional cases being brought while already facing charges.

Illegal Searches

Evidence seized in violation of the 4th amendment's prohibition against unreasonable search and seizure is not admissible in court.  Nor is any evidence found as a result of information obtained through a 4th amendment violation.

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