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Welcome to the website of The Brough Law Firm, a practice that is committed to providing the Spartanburg area with a personalized approach to solving legal issues. Our firm is well-equipped to handle a wide variety of criminal charges, along with providing legal solutions in family law and personal injury matters. 

Unlike other firms, we do not view our clients as simply one-and-done transactions. We take the time to understand each person’s situation and goals and, then, come up with a game plan to aggressively achieve those ends. Our firm is never afraid of a court battle – whatever it takes to get great results.  

Find out more about Attorney Christopher Brough and the firm’s philosophy.


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Four Types of Domestic Violence Charges in South Carolina: What You Need to Know



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Latest Blogs

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Criminal Defense

The Brough Law Firm is 100 percent committed to defending your constitutional rights. Learn More


Any DUI or DUAC charge is a serious offense that needs a knowledgeable attorney by your side. Learn More

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a serious offense that can have impacts beyond the actual criminal charge. Learn More

Violent Crimes

It is in this spirit that our firm aggressively defends our clients in and out of court. Learn More

Sex Crimes

We understand what you are up against and will leave no stone unturned while defending you. Learn More

Family Law

Our firm is committed to representing you in your family law matter with dignity and compassion. Learn More

Personal Injury

After a serious personal injury, you have enough to worry about. Place your burdens on us. Learn More


He is an excellent lawyer, and I 100% recommend him. He has helped resolve the case of my husband.
Laura Calderom
I love this law firm and the whole staff.
Corey Lorie Fuller
Mr. Brough was a very informative counselor. I felt as though he explained every aspect of the case as it progressed. This gave me confidence in Mr. Brough’s abilities, the verdict and his professionalism speak for themselves.
If you looking for a knowledgeable, honest lawyer that will listen with genuine concern to your issues and fight for the very best outcome for your case, look no farther. Mr. Brough and his compassionate staff have been there for us through the whole process. They have patiently listened to our concerns and gave us HOPE when we thought there wasnt any hope left. We are so thankful we found Mr. Brough and he is on OUR…
Honest, dependable, adorable!!!
I have worked with in many situations where we were doing separate matters for the same client. It is always a pleasure. He does great work, keeps me and the client informed and I am always happy with the results.
Chris has the ability to litigate criminal matters while maintaining high ethical standards. He is extremely bright. He has a vast array of trial experience.
Wonderful lawyer! Very knowledgeable in his field, he always keeps you informed, and he knows the system very well. I would highly recommend Mr. Brough! Worth every penny!
I was extremely pleased with Chris’s performance in every aspect of my case and could not have asked for better results than he achieved. I wish there was an award for “Attorney of the Year” and I would nominate him for such an award because he did such an excellent job on my behalf.
Helped me get my ticket dismissed, they can help you too.
Micah James
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